Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dental Operation

At 1 p.m. is my appoinment with Dra. Luzviminda Go- Sy, luckily I came in early because she has so much to do, and just adjusted her time to accomodate my check up. My check up got into removing of tooth abnormalities and prescriptions of having a jacket after the observation period, if the teeth won't heal (two molars).

After the check up, I decided to go to 168 but unfortunately I can't seem to remember where to pass, and landed at the front doors of Kats. Then everything happened fast, we went to Podium and then met with Janel and Mafe, watched a Indonesian movie, Chanting (boring), while eating Krispy Kreme to reduce tension brought by the very disturbing sound coming from the movie.

Planned a little for Friday meet up--- Bubba Gump! I hope the teeth are okay on that day because I don't want to miss out on feasting with delicious food.