Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goodbye's The Hardest

We had a non- traditional Christian- Chinese funeral, mixing the Catholic and Chinese customs, (like eating out before going home, etc.) but never had the paper house and other material stuff to be burned. We gave her passport and credit cards, instead. Lol.
Our long convoy from Funeraria Paz to Eternal Gardens, luckily we were assisted by the 3 Quezon City Police escorts.

Today's my Ahma's burial. After the 5 day wake at La Funeraria Paz Quezon City, the final curtain call came, and it's time for us to really say our goodbyes. After this we literally won't see her again. But I know she will watch over us. She will always be in our hearts.

It's just overwhelming to see other people really care for someone that they are not related to, and just known for awhile, to burst in tears because of attachment. I salute Lyn (Dong's sister, we asked to help take care of Mama Aty) for being so committed in taking care of Mama Aty, and even cancelled her scheduled return to province because of what happened.

We (Flordeliza Chan- de Castro, Arnaldo Jr. de Castro, Chippy Chan, William Lao- Chan, Charles Chan, and Chris Chan) would like to give our deepest gratitude to the people who showed their respect and love to our beloved Mama Aty: Chan Family (Lolo Domie and Lola Precy Chan, Aunties from the 3rd family, Lola Earlie Chan- Kwa, Lola Evelyn Chan- Lo); Security Bank (Ms. Lucy); Quest Diagnostics: Mr. Francis Chua, Mr. Tommy Chuatak, Ms. Abie Garcia and her friend Ms. Lorna; Pacific Plans; St. Joseph's Sisters; Realengo Family (Lola Nila, Tito Oying, Tita Susan, Lola Cely, Tita Lotlot, Tita Tess, Lola Tita, Tito Omeng, Tito Roy and Tita Racquel, Tita Annie and Tito Vhoi); Torente Family; Cruz Family (Lola Fe, Tita Vivian and Ate Totle, Tita Angie and Tito Rey, Tita Azon and Tito Joby, Tito Bebot and Tita Miriam, Tita Minnie), Sherly Dy, Alex and Grand C Printing Press (Jose, Danny, Pepot, Shaie, Daisy, Eli, Lonzki, Karen and Ochie); Three Kings (Boss Teddy Ching, Elvie, Ludy, Rachel, Jackie and Ricky); Juliet and her sister (dad's long time officemate); Kuya Rodel and Liza (dad's godson) and to our FV7HOA: Ortega Family, Chitty Garcia, Sonia Robles and Gloria Samson. And a thumbs up for Quezon City Police for assisting the convoy.

Tears, we can't stop, we can't hide, we will miss her so much. Just writing this and realizing that tomorrow, she will not be around, still makes me teary eyed, although I wanted her to rest, but still at the back of my mind, I miss her.