Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday Mass and Dinner

After the overnight at High street I went straight home to take a short nap for my Mama Aty's 40 days. They left early so they can catch up and kwentuhan with relatives and friends, I just followed, and lucky me I was just right on time.

After the mass, we all went to Silver Crown, a Chinese resto, with yummy yummy food--- lalo na the spicy shrimp.
They were all staring at me, when I stopped eating my food (I haven't eaten lunch yet) bcaues I was waiting for the spicy shrimp (e tapos wala palang order).

Mommy and shobe playing models. On mom: Silk dress with batman sleeves, and Black leggings.
on Sis: Black and White polo dress (ala Chin Chin Gutierrez)