Saturday, November 08, 2008

Defying Office Wear

Hip/stop stripped polo with neck tie, Gloria bubble short (from Shobe)

I was wearing shorts in the office last Friday. I only tried if it will be a big deal to wear something against the office protocol, here in the Philippines, as in Paris and other countries, have already passed out the office rule where you are obliged to wear, dress pants only--- no denims, t shirts, etc. I mean you have to always power dress. But a new light has come to fashion as we create new rules on how to power dress.

Tim Hamilton Design

I was wearing gladiators too, so all in, I violated two Philippine office rules.

I thought i was gong to hear a Miranda Priestley line, 'No no, no no..." but the hell they don't care, some just shocked, because it was the first time in the office that someone wore shorts.


danes said...

your outfit looked great, actually. :D

Charlie Chan said...

geez, really? thanks hehehe