Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updated Again: Performing at Subic: Ad Congress

Lobby of the Subic Bay Convention

Well, I had fun riding the 'roller' coaster on our way here (via SCTEX), though most of the ride--- I was down dead sleeping. LOL

The big bag with the little loot.
Unfortunately, I don't have one--- we chose just to visit spectrum that day, which was by-the-way (highway!), was just on their preparation period.

Coca-Cola Booth by my classmate Brett, which I met there

Smart Booth, I guess they have something big, but Globe:

is bigger?! I guess.

It comes with the Ayala Group, so I hmm that means Smart is way bigger.

The three leading broadsheets were there, I took one of our client: The Philippines Star (with my Dad):

And him with some cars:

with Alex and Dad: MX5

Here are the guys, I mean girls: Shei/Shai, Andrea, Arvin and Mimi

Everyone: Mimi, Rene, Shai, Andrea, Arvin, Alex and dad

The most exciting part of the trip, was going back, LOL: 3:00 p.m. my favorite time, the best time to shoot in the province.

Like God was talking.

I miss Ilocos, --- 3 p.m. sunset, the old buildings turns into gold.