Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bubble Tea is So-so

Well, okay, Bubble Tea, at SM The Block, is fine for a tambay place, chillax station, but not for taste buds looking for authentic Japanese food--- it serves Japanese food with a twist--- fine fine, it's a milk tea place, so you don't really look for Japanese food there, let's just give it 4 spoons out of 5, for being creative and catering for the students, yuppies, which mostly find it okay--- the food.

Fujiwara Omurice PhP150.00
Your regular fried rice with beef bits, egg, carrots, wrapped in scramble egg.
Presentation-wise: Nice; Taste: So-so

For their milk tea?! I don't know how to order, hmm... and the cashier didn't recommend any, so I got myself some Mango Tea Slush (PhP95.00), and a Fujiwara Omurice (PhP150.00) for the munch (oh, hmm the cashier recommended something--- to add for th bill that is--- Tori Fry to bundle with the Mango Tea Slush for PhP45.00, without even thinking if it will match the Omurice, but then I guess, I want to try everything, so did got one).

Tori Fry PhP45.00 at bundle with the drink
At first bite, it's good, crispy and chewy, but then when the flour?!
or breading melts in your mouth, it tastes weird.

This was after Reji fixed the VM at Dean and Trent. Here's the D&T moment before this food trip:

Here choosing something to put on the mannequine?! mannequin?!

Okay, and then Reji (the POSTURA man), during the food trip:

With his food: Rosted Garlic and Shitake Cream Spaghetti PhP145.00
Coffee Milk Tea PhP85.00
And my Mango Tea Slush on the left.

Verdict: I am not so pleased, whatever, price-wise not so worth-it, service, tsk. I don't like it. Well, won't even count for sure, because I'm just one customer, and Reji loves it there.

Okay, but then let's be fair--- I love the creativity! ofcourse, Japanese food is one of the best in plating!