Friday, November 20, 2009

Auctioned: Memories

Yes, they are leaving us behind--- the antique living room set, that was handed down from my great-grandma, to my grandma, and then to us. They have to leave already. They need new owners--- antiques restore-rs.

The rest, supports your bad perfectly, it's like butterfly wings. Sulijia/ Sulihiyas breath, it's perfect of our tropical weather. It's very unlike of those leather seats--- which by the way I think my mom will buy in replacement for these. Leather only gives you the comfort of ---lesser mess, maintenance wise better.

The broken sulijias/sulihiya didn't dismay the mang-a-antique, it added to its value--- rich memories of the old times are written in every carve, scratches and cracks. As it boards, I stared for awhile, and can't help to notice its discerningly majestic past--- the glamour, the way of life the previous owners of these had. It's still a beauty.

It's time to say goodbye. I hope I can buy them back after, but all the memories will be scrapped out (restoration will erase all the memories)