Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Korean Exhibit at Shangri-La Plaza

With the recently concluded Korean Cutural Festival for the celebration of the Philippines-Korean Diplomatic relation, Korean Embassy arranged a series of events to entertain and bit to educate their Filipino friends of the culture, food and real entertainment. Here are some of the displayed stuff from Korean, I bet you know some of them and can recall them from the epic telenovela 'Jewel in the Palace' shown in GMA 7.

Hanbok: For male, still has some intericate designs and lovely colors (comparing with the girls')

The Korean Cultural Festival is from November 19 to 23, and was opened with an exhibit at the Shangri-La Manila Hotel at Mandaluyong.

Ornaments for the dress, worn by women.

I don't know what this (photo above) is made of, and what it is for, I forgot to look at the labels. But the blurred photo of the label read something about birthday for old people, so maybe it's made of candle, and then it serves at the birthday candle to be blown by the celebrant.

I am sure you recoginze this--- Surasang. The meal with an entourage--- several servants carry this rich meal for just one person--- the King. See photo below for the explanation.

Kimchi, the most popular deli from Korea.

I think this was fillet-ed first then breaded and then boiled in and made into soup.

One of the other famous deli, the BulGoGi! More like Beef Stew, something like Bistek?!

The demo--- cooking by a Korean expert, I guess. With the interpreter.

Korean dishes are one of the most colorful and well plated cuisine in the world. Well, I guess they follow a principle, that what is pleasing to the eye is pleasing to the stomach. LOL

The famous Ginseng: Believed to cure everything.

Koreans are not only know for their Kimchi but also for the expertise in making their food tools for medication. They really study every aspect of the ingredients they are going to cook, benefits and bad side effects.

By the way, the display really looked real, and fresh--- but it's only the works of food styling! Kudos to the food stylist, or food prostetics?!