Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Agency (Crazy)

There's never a day at The Agency, that is dull. Here's one heck of a day---

The Editor-in-Chief, was running late for a meeting with the Account Executive, (which was an hour early by the way, very rare for a person who works for The Agency).

The AE is with the Fashion Editor, at the moment discussing, well, fashion?! and what's next for the shoot. Oh! and the Jr. Art Director is also there with them, giving some brilliant insights.

After two hours of informal meeting and discussing things (behind the Editor-in-Chief's back), the EIC arrived with a smugged face, and called out the creative team--- to 'you-know-what'--- to yell at!

What a pity, after days of staying at the agency, without even taking a nap just to finish the work, all the blame with drain down to the Graphic Artist, not the Creative Director, not the Jr. Art Director, but the Graphic Artist.

Oops, our Media Planner went to an event to escape from the drama--- well I don't even know if she plans media or event. The hell, i just know she did enjoy the night.

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