Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Noynoy TVC

It's a nice ad, star studded, lol. Shows stars from both TV 'rival' stations.

Was placed on primetime slot, good choice! Shows every before Santino's show, May Bukas Pa (in Channel 2 ABS-CBN).

Lyrics--- empowering, makes you want to join Noynoy in the fight. Visuals--- nice attck bring the rival stars from the rival stations. Camera angles/cinematography--- just like ABS- CBN's station IDs, superbly done.

I think they need to clear that Hacienda Luisita, once and for all. We have a lesson about that back in college, but really didn't understand, what is the issue--- ofcourse we can hear biased opinions--- I want to hear it from the Cojuangco's and the farmers.