Sunday, November 08, 2009

Updated: 狀元- 沒有 Chiong Wan- Not!

Me (曾華順) and my friends (Katrina 黃麗安and Cyrille莊穎怡) attended the 'late' Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival (慶祝中秋佳節聯歡會) hosted by Grand Family Association of the Philippines- Youth Group (菲律濱各宗親會聯合會). Wuhoo! My first Pua Tiong Chu experience, was good--- beginner's luck, as they say. Okay, not as lucky, but I bagged the prizes from PongGan/ThamHwei (榜眼/探花) to SioChai (秀才), and here are my prizes:

The prize for the PongGan dice! White Hat from White Hat Eric Chao.

Our host bagged the ChiongWan, tsk tsk. She was very good at throwing the dice, though.

Some pictures from the GFAPY Wall of Fame, LOL.

These are, hmm: I can't remember,
but Lorraine Chua (in blue and pink) I can remember.

This is, Atsi Emmalyn Sy (I'm sorry if I got the spelling wrong),
she is a supervisor in DM.

Some Lame s and Due s waiting for us to start.
Before the actual game, we played some parlor games-- they call it "Ice Breaker" -- joke?! (will post some videos)

Lorraine doing the paperplate ipit.

Some pictures from the GFAPY Events Page:

Here with my tablemates: Jan Martin Sy, Steven Hung, Michael Vincent Chua, Me, _,
_, Lorraine Chua, Emmalyn Sy, Cyrille Ching, Ferri Ann Go
Photowall by Ahya Leo Natividad

Mr. White Hat and Ahya Leo

Ching, Chan, Chao, and Mendros between Chan and Chao

Ching, Mendros, Chan and Ahya Paul

Okay, that's me doing th eggplant game.