Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Black Dress

Lo, and behold the emergence of the little black dress (LBD).

Got to watch Coco avant Chanel just now--- Starring Audrey Tautou, Benoît Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola. It's about Gabrielle turning into Coco and building the empire Chanel.

It's fun to watch French movies, you hear them utter very elegant language, that you could almost fell inlove with just their words, I don't know how could I be more descriptive, there's no words to best describe French as a language, as a style.

The first day of the LBD

The movie portrayed her as an independent woman (not in monetary terms but as an individual, how she handles her self)--- though still yearns for true love, attention that is genuinely hers, maybe it's more appropriate to say that she is aggressive and delicate at the same time. She doesn't like restrictions, even for clothes--- "Why want something that gives you hard time to breath" or something like that pertaining to the corset. She revolutionized women's clothes--- femenine to masculine inspired.

Her lovelife was a disaster, ofcourse at that time, it was all marriage of convenience, but she loved at her best--- well that's what I think, she loved Boy, she loved Balsan.

She was very inlove with Boy. You can see it in her eyes (very well presented by Audrey, her expressions, you can see that she longs for that perfect love)

Alessandro Nivola played as Boy or Capt.Arthur Capel.
Photo Credit: Strolling Player
Must be really a charming guy, all the actors who played his role are.

Benoît Poelvoorde played as Étienne Balsan
Photo Credit: Aceshowbiz

I can't say watch it, because it's not available here at the moment or maybe not at all--- it's in French. A not so prevalent language here.