Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fish Balls Can Kill

After an hour or so of eating PhP50.00 worth of fish balls

I didn't know that Fish Balls could kill me, LOL. Well, I think eating too much that is! I remember the first time I had fish balls (I rarely eat them, because of the HEPA scare, and other viral things, that comes with it), it was crunchy and fishy, yummy for me. Then I craved the night that I was at my auntie's store, in Tayuman--- and you know how I get when I crave--- I eat alot. Remember my first time, there was no skin reaction like this, it's pure yum, but this time--- the monster revealed itself, rawr! LOL, dry and swollen eyebrow skin for me. The illustration above happens everytime I eat something fishy,--- one time we ate at AT, ohh, salmon (raw) on top of sesame rice, equals numb face for me. Wait till you give me my favorite, shrimp, aww, dry swollen eyebrow skin, dry elbows, itchy all over. I died.

Now you know how to kill me.