Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sean's Faithful Blog

I was following this blog this past days, and if it's enlightenment you need, you read the right blog. LOL

This is not a promotion, I am just stating that I am fond of reading the blog and it helps me, with my questions about God and me. If you want to visit, it's all about God and some, don't be intimidated by the words--- it won't bite, skeptics are welcome. Its Sean's, a friend of a friend, and now, I think an immediate friend. LOL

The entry that started my questions:


h3sean said...

Thanks for this Charles!!! =D I'll link your blog to mine too!

Charlie Chan said...

Ngak, LOL, No worries anu ka ba!!! I enjoy reading your blog, I did the same naman with other blogs I read. :)