Saturday, August 29, 2009

Net-working Builds Big Things

Okay, okay, ---because of, as always--- boredom, I get to read a lot of blogs today, mostly from my blog list, well, read one nice entry by iluwfashion (click here for the original entry) about networking and it's importance.

The topic is a must to read, as it is really practical, and of great importance for people, like me (into starting up business) and you, and many others who are looking for a nice decent job or might as well say--- their dream job.

Creating connections, contacts, relationship--- is just an accidental bump in the parking lot, a coffee spill, or whatever (for girl can be a simple compliment to another girl about her necklace or dress) away--- okay it's not easy starting a conversation, but if you really are eager, eat that fear away and speak up, talk your way in--- it really helps that you read or watch or whatever just anything to get GREY matter (as what my professor calls it), general knowledge to share in those conversations they have or you think the person you encounter have an interest in.

This qoute is super true:
"Address books with valuable contacts are worth their weight in gold."
Just like what I blogged the other day about the phonebook and friends. It has been different now, before (teeny boppers time) it was just a game to have lots of friends in a social network contacts, add them up even though you don't know them, but now, it became a serious business, you get to a contacts you think might add a value to you.

Hmm. Maybe one secret is, don't think of yourself as less of the other person you are talking to, you might as well fantasize over your character at the moment but still be the person you are.