Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tita Cory, Goodbye.


She was the first president I know of. (I was born 1986, she was president until 1992.)

I remember that, brownouts are frequent that time--- and I always hate and blame that to--- Pres. Cory, because we have a lady president. (I never thought of Meralco, I thought it was some magic that we have electricity and it works like Poseidon, hates girls on boat--- sailing.)

Not all of us would agree, that she was a good president during her term. And she didn't, well likely, have all the right decisions, everytime.


One, was because--- she was a Cojuangco (everybody knows that Hacienda Luisita incident, right?). And later, she was one of the personalities that helped oust F.Pres. Estrada, and then now calls for Pres. Arroyo's resignation. But I think this was just minor things we should be thinking--- let's look at the bigger picture--- she is a symbol of democracy. She is the face of People Power.

Source: Calavera Comics

One more thing that made me proud of her, was when she visited their ancestral hall in China. She values her roots--- I am sure she made the Chinoys proud. (Click here for her China visit)

She was a proud Filipino.