Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10,000 Hair Dos

I've had all the hair dos you can imagine. From my childhood days, where all of us wear the same apple cut as kids--- it's really cute back then. To spikey--- almost no hair, came the popularity of the oasis cut during highschool, where you have this weird hair going upward--- to the most popular one, the long hair from F4 phenomena--- to layered almost shaggy, retro style, then came the anime look, then followed by Korean hairstyles. I think I am lucky to be born into a fashionista family--- no restrains what-so-ever when it comes to my hair. lol

F4 hair: I think this was second year, in UST. (I was always mistaken for a girl, with my hair, well with any hairstyle I wear?! I wonder why?) Yes, I think I did sport a long hair for two years?! This was second year NatSci field trip.

Korean Spikes: Spikey Korean hair, let's just say--- I am tired of my long hair. (Me looking Harry Potter)

Chinese Model: This one, I got the inspiration from Jerry Fu, a famous model from China, from my recent trip in HK.

And now, I am crazy with Tom Cruise' Valkyre hair do.