Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friends or Not Friends

Source: GSMarena

I think friendship is like a phonebook, you eliminate numbers that are not active anymore to make room for new ones. Do you agree with me? Or is it to harsh to say, 'Why keep something that is useless, or won't fit you anymore?' (as to clothes) Just wondering if my judgement is right, or still right? Or am I making my life into a big business, where friends are just turning into contacts. WT*. Am I ruining the true meaning of friendship. I just thought of this because of this thing with my interns, I've always been confused (now that we're not in the office anymore) on what to call/label them now--- my 'former' interns? (I think it sounds boss-y or whatever, never really treated them like interns) Or friends? Especially Mon, with Anton (We see each other atleast once a week for a project) At a certain level are we supposed to be calling each other friends?
Okay not my phone but like it.

How about my classmates in highschool, where they were supposed to be my friends forever, as so called, which I haven't spoken since time immemorial. They were the eliminated numbers, well literally, I seem to have no number of any one from highschool. What a pity. Highschool friends were supposed to be the friends you will still have until you're old old old--- but look at me, LOL, 18 people in my class, and I haven't even got to keep atleast one number. Not even my alma mater--- they didn't even knew I graduated with flying f*ck. (How come I don't have a banner?) Well atleast my name won't be dragged by that school, I thank thee for forgetting me. LOL. Enough of sour graping.

That's all I think I need to brush up friendship course? What do you think? LOL. Or maybe not, at my age, friendship is hmm over rated already. It should be all professional. Evil!