Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Too Early

It's too early to say that Noynoy have a big chance of winning, or at the most, that he will definitely win, but I think most likely he will. If he will just produce the best platform--- not too Cory, nor too Ninoy inspired--- with a vision, still on Obama's change thing--- people is hungry for a real change, or at least I think?!

He will win because the Filipinos are on the side of EQ things, we value family--- unity, and the Aquinos showed us family unity--- on their beliefs, to really fight for what is right, democracy, etc. If the Aquinos, again shows the Filipinos that they are fighting this fight together with Noynoy, I think we will be inspired to vote for Noynoy and that will spell victory for him.


The Chubbychef said...

On a side note:

I don't think Mar lost the presidency by stepping aside for Noynoy. He just won the VP position. =)

As for Noynoy, I really hope he is the catalyst for change in our country. It'll be a sad end to his parent's legacy. Siya pa ba ang sisira sa pangalan ng mga Aquino?