Monday, June 20, 2011

The Borgias

Sorry for a brief period of blog haitus--- reason being--- addicted to finish the series The Borgias by Showtime TV, a series created from a period in history of one family that is--- the Borgias.
They are European Papal family, from left Gioffre (Goffredo), Giovanni (Juan/ Duke of Gandia), Vannozza de Cattanei, Rodrigo Borgias (Pope Alexander VI), Giulia Farnese, Lucrezia, Cesare (cardinal)
The last scene of the series on episode 9 says it all--- they may lust for power, and do all really horrendous things but when it comes to protecting the family (well they do all these evil things for the family but I am just saying) they are one like the rest of the regular families. *We don't know if that really happened in history but what was depicted in the series was a good presentation that with all these things plotted (the family's crimes) they remain to be emotional or --- the human side of a powerful family are still presented.

Pope Alexander VI's priceless jewels.