Sunday, June 26, 2011

TV Series: Another Channel to Advertise Cellphones

After Gossip Girls' hit whose a mysterious texter/ gossiper/ insider thru web and mobile---and then sucking their way to Season 5 (well, mostly because of the unending sex between  6 of them) came a new TV Series that, again, revolves around phones--- Pretty Little Liars, where it is believed that Alison 'A' is haunting them thru text.
Blair using LG. Photo:
Jenny on Motorola Droid Verizon. Photo:
Hannah using Palm Pre Mirror. Photo: Engadget
And then there's the shower of cellphones, Motorola K (something, I think it's K2?!
old old phone, I had that one back in college) and then Palm Pre, Droid or Evo, and something else.
I think this TV Series had the most number of mobile phone placement, but weird that Blackberry was not part of placement, I notice the Blackberry Pearl 9100 in pink by Melissa but the logos are covered. I wonder.
Now, I remember why the called soap operas--- soap operas, soaps sponsors the operas. LOL
Update: And then there's Teen Wolf joining in with
Stiles holding a Sony Ericsson Xperia.
And again, AT&T Blackberry Torch used by the one
and only Teen Wolf Tyler Posey/ Scott MacCall