Friday, July 29, 2011

Twitter: Responsible Followship

Due to the recent event that my dad had been into, regarding his comment to Kim Atienza and meddling of Chito Miranda, plus bashing of few avid followers of Atienza, I started to think that being followed by a (significant) number of tweeps is a big responsibility, and if the people being followed (celebrities) haven't seen that, then it is just sad.

Although you are not liable for what they say, at least be vigilant to notice if your followers are acting right--- in the case of Atienza, he was a public servant--- former congressman (kaya siguro di na nanalo ulit), role model of the youth (they think he's smart, when what he does is just deliver the facts from Google), and a public figure--- if the person is in his right mind, he would have stepped up and tell his followers that what they are doing is not right and would have suggested that--- opinions are opinions, we can't please everybody, and if (my dad or) any person would say their opinion about him, just let them be (since pinagmamalaki naman nila ang 450k+ followers ni Atienza, ano na lang ang tatay ko).

It started with this:

Comment from my dad (he tweeted first):
@greatidol: di ako bilib sau kc di lahat ng nagtatanong nagre-reply ka.
Namimili ka lang sama nun dba? palagay mo?
ENG: @greatidol: I don't commend you because
you don't reply to everybody who ask you, you just choose.
Isn't it bad? Don't you think so?

Then Atienza replied: kawawa naman ikaw.
ENG: pity you.
Thn Chito Miranda butted in~
Then Chito Miranda called my dad "TANGA"--- STUPID.

Who does have any right to call anybody stupid? He (Chito Miranda) does even know my dad personally, and we don't know him either, but now we know him better--- ill-mannered stereotypical Atenean.

Great power comes with great responsibility.


mango said...

no offense meant to you and your dad..pero ilan ba followers ni kim atienza?.. ilan din ba nagtatanong or nagttweet sa kanya? lahat ba dapat replyan? lahat ba may sense?

lahat may karapatan kung sino lang gusto nilang replyan.. may ibang buhay din si kim hindi lang twitter.. kaya i dont think masama kung mamimili lang siya ng replyan, depende kasi sa tao yun..

si kim atienza, if he only delivers facts from google, then i still think he is smart.. ang mga smart people, hindi nagiging smart if they dont study.. hindi naman nila malalaman yung mga trivia nya if di siya nagreresearch d bah?..

and yes, we should be responsible from what we post from this cyberspace.. and judging from this post, your dad started it.. and since tinweet nya, alam natin random people can just react..

si chito, totoong tao yan.. yan ang pinakatotoong celebrity na alam ko.. medyo may katangahan din naman kc ang tweet nung dad mo in the first place.. lol