Friday, August 19, 2011

Movie: The Help

I had watched over hundreds of movies already and I think I should write down what are the good ones, but I might all bore you (if anyone is still reading my blog, that is). So let me just start with the recent movie that I have watched: The Help~
The story is amazing, an eye opener of what really was/ is the situation of being a colored person, a black in US ---a good example of how you stood up for what is right from the characters of Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny.

I think a good movie for parents to show to their kids--- show how to threat the help and how the help can really help in different ways (well we're speaking of a good help).

We can really learn from the era (60s to 70s) gossips, controlling, meddling, manipulation, scheming.

I hope the situation of the black in US has changed already.


Noeh said...

Nice review.
Of course a lot has changed since the 60's for African-Americans. (It is politically incorrect to refer to them as BLACKs)
For starters, we now have a Af/Am president, Barrack Obama and is the first black so to speak.
We have Oprah and several others who are good in their chosen field which is really quite impressive knowing the kind of history they have in the US. Just goes to show, they've come a long way. And they are someone we need to look up to as inspirations.

On that note, I have yet to find a copy of this movie. You are making me curious.

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