Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gems of Jaipur

I died after seeing Daphne and Ingrid's blog of their India trip--- particularly when I read about the Gem Palace.


Ring (see more antique victorian rings)

I didn't know that it was that colorful--- India is a livable art piece--- I just imagined it sandy, dirty, with sides that have big nice palace/Mosque/Buildings, ie., Taj Mahal. There's more to India. Just scared of some Indian stereo.
Here's a video of the Gem Palace during the 6th generation of owner, now it is on it's 7th generation.

Here's the not so good parts in India, as we, here in PH also have, I think it's all like this in PH. LOL

Photo Credit: PhotoBlog
Photo Credit: indcsr