Monday, March 29, 2010

Chinese Class

老師:這個是什麽 in Tagalog? (pointing at 百萬 at the white board where she wrote the Chinese number system up to billions)
我:Isang daang libo (LOL. but before that she was cranking up with why English is so a bad language after all, it doesn't have meaning at all, same as with the Tagalog words--- What the hell is MIL?--- it's thousand, but was supposed to mean, a million, then there is MILYON?! That made it confusing.)
老師:華順啊!Niloloko mo ko.

Who ever made the Chinese number system is very very genius. It's simple.
百bai (pronounced as pai without air) is 100, and then multiplied by 萬wan (pronounced as wan) 1000, is one million. So, 一百萬is one million. Isang milyon.

Ow, by the way, bought my phone this stuff jelly, because I wanted a blackberry, but no dice because I also want Google Nexus.
I want it in red but the red version sucks.
I want just the jelly but in redddd! I am not a fan of track balls,
maybe the track pad of the new berry, but not this. It's chuvaness'.