Thursday, March 04, 2010

John Park Gravitational Pull-down

John Park sang Gravity by John Mayer this week. I am not familiar with the original song, but he sounded good, and the jam--- whatever beat, it sounds smooth, lounge-y.
Nice play wearing white v-neck t shirt--- makes girls go gaga.

I love Ellen, LOL, she loves Asians. But she is right, John Park needs to wow the people, same with what Kara said.
"Way better than last week," Kara tells him, but she's still lacking the connection. "You need to let loose and get out of that comfort zone of yours."
Simon thinks Purple Haze may get its lead singer back. "There's nothing to get excited about that -- it's what I call a 'so what' performance.'
Quote and photo from: usatoday

I think America will give him one more chance.