Saturday, February 27, 2010

John Park sings with Soul

Ayun naman pala, he could sing better. I actually didn't like his audition piece, made it looked like Shania Twain flirty at over 30. LOL. Watch this and see that his performance here is better than of his first actual performance.

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He is a bass member of the Purple Haze, a Northwestern a cappella group. Pretty good actually--- browse through some of Purple Haze's performance, you could see him be the lead voice.

One commenter said on hollywoodgossip:
Chelsea Says:

I thought Shania was hilarious. (And Jillian, - you're the shallow bit%* to blame the wife for husband's infidelity). Don't think she meant things to go that way during the audition, but totally agree why she reacted the way she did. This is a hot dude - a breath of fresh air for once, someone who is not full of himself when he/she has nothing to show for it.

And I thought the reason why they said they were surprised at his voice was because of the soulfilled tune coming out of a brainiac (Northwestern Universty, Econimics major?!). There are a lot of Asian who can really sing well. They just don't come out on American Idol. They are already busy making money singing in Asia!