Friday, February 19, 2010

New Product On McDonald's Menu

Served locally in Philippines: Beef Burger with rice;
PhP50.00 for meal and PhP42.00 for ala carte

Just a heads up on what McDonald's has been cooking for the summer. There's a new product on their menu, the Beef burger with rice!

I tell you, this is different from Jollibee's Beef burger steak, that is sauced up with their gravy and placed some sliced button mushrooms. It taste like my mom and your mom's Beef steak sauce, you know that soy sauce and calamansi plus startch and onion mix, it tasted like that. I don't have the actual photo of the product because it doesn't look presentable--- I ordered from 8-mcdo--- so you see, he must have taken the bumpy road to our house.