Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Year of White Tiger | Chinese New Year 2010

The celebration of the White Tiger Chinese New Year was a blast, though it was not the same with the past celebrations (maybe because of the different situation the country is in). Still fun in the sense that people (foreigners), I think really looked forward to witnessing the different fusion of culture in Binondo--- plus Chinese New Year falls on a Valentine's day, so you can see couples doing the HHWW while enjoying the scene in Chinatown. I never thought that couples would enjoy such noisy setting to celebrate Valentine's--- and dine at a Chinese restaurant too, aside from that, sharing it with Chinoy families (that are known for being noisy)--- that made the restaurants even more jam-packed .

Lion Dance along Salazar Street

See the servers at Ying-Ying all running around.

One of the many fusion of culture you can see in Binondo.
It looked like amazing race, because they (foreigners, and locals alike) held big bags and big cameras, and takes photos of every happening, and running to where sound of drums and fireworks are.
Binondo has this different feel to it, exuding a big mystery, that everybody wants to unlock. (Look into the picture) Binondo is a mix of old and new, spouting condos and news establishments blends well with it's old ways and jiving the forever thriving Chinoy culture.