Saturday, February 06, 2010

Back to Friendster! Maybe not.

Just recently (I think around December) Friendster revamped, more like doing it, Facebook way. But I guess not so much people will convert back, they should try a campaign to encourage switch, or at least continuous use. I won't probably use it again, because half of my friends in FS already abandoned their accounts, no sense to use it--- how to socialize when there's no one there.
One thing that I've notice--- their blog is powered by Wordpress! That's a good one. Good thought. Wordpress is the best tool for blogging (next to my baby blogger ofcourse, for being user friendly, but SEO, it WP).
I think they have apps before, but not like these. Oh they have farm thing also. LOL

Nice one Friendster, keep it up, malay mo maging friends tayo ulit--- kapag hindi ka na pow jologs.