Friday, February 26, 2010

Asian on American Idol

John Park, a Korean American, hmm interesting. Will America be hit by the Korean craze too?

I guess we have to wait and see, his first performance was last night and it was not quite good. I wish to hear more of him, but I think after flunking the first performance you need a little bit more effort for the second one, and the right reason for joining--- here to know what I am talking about:

Simon: "You have got to have an incredible voice to take on that song, and haven't got that. And zero emotion. It was a pointless performance."
Kara: "I agree with Simon -- there was no connection."
Randy: You've definitely got a voice there."
Ellen: "I think that if it was a different song, we'd see who you really are. I actually thought it was a great performance."
Awkward moment when they flashed to his parents after Park said something about his family worrying about money.

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