Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Advertising via Internet Media

Will soon have limitations.

I think this is because more and more (companies and advertising agencies) people are using blogs and social networks as a medium for advertising--- we need to regulate now the authenticity of the given statements by these media (or the person who writes on them) to preserve its, well, authenticity and effectivity as a tool. It is a tool now, that people really look for to find answers, answers that are given on a personal level--- on a level where people would believe because they think that the writer 'personally engaged' himself to the product to 'personally' give a 'product review' of some sort.

But let's make note of 'some' people that joins this type of media to receive perks.

I guess the FTC's (Federal Trade Commission) action regarding--- giving rules would help, would help consumers, and advertisers as well, to keep the media effective, clean, and reliable.

Blog responsibly.

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