Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bloody Birthday!

Yesterday was a good day, we went to Ahma's grave (one year had passed), and then went to SM San Lazaro for Ahco's little grocery and little dine out together for my pre-birthday treat by my parents, and also to visit everybody in Tayuman. It was my cousin, Rio's birthday that day too.

My cake: Blueberry Cheese cake. Wuhoo, 2 slices for me

And then the celebration continues at Tita Vivian's (Saee) store, Gwama provided the chickens and liempos from Andok's, and grilled fish, and then Tita Azon came down from the condo with Kare-Kare and Lumpiang Shanghai, and buttered crab (I think). I was so full I could feel my throat swell (I have a swollen throat, lol, from sore throat).

Then, the actual date of my birthday, I was surprised by this:

A rock flew right thru my window and to my back. (I thought of gold lashes that might came with the rock)

Lucky that I was already awake and about to go down for my breakfast (at around 1 p.m., lol, okay I had a long night). It only hit my back.

Okay maybe those Akyat-Bahays were just greeting me happy birthday. Well, thanks to them I have a broken window now. Again.