Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Action Day: Climate Change

This is an article worth writing about to join the Blog Action Day.

Am going to write about our country's experience, Typhoon Ondoy--- nature's wrath, the result of climate change, the result of our doing--- wrong deeds.

Hurricane Katrina (250 milliliters of rain*) was no match with Typhoon Ondoy (455 milliliters of rain*). It left the NCR sinking and drowning millions of people: rich and poor; celebrity or nobody, millions of pesos (livestocks, rice fields, properties) were destroyed. Areas that were affected, to a surprise, were areas that don't experience flood at all. Water in rivers rose up to a level they didn't imagine. And I think we all know what is the reason behind that--- climate change.

After those typhoons (Ondoy, then Pepeng), we experienced a not so normal heat--- heat that really dries you up. It burns you up even you're inside a complex or a building (with no aircon). We are experiencing extreme weather conditions.

I think everybody now should really be aware of what was that---- that caused Typhoon Ondoy to be that strong--- what was that, that created these extreme weathers (which I will blog separately, causes some weird viruses). We should channel our resources not only in rebuilding our lives here in the Philippines, but also how to make a solution, that would be more permanent, than a solution of relocation for the victims.

If we don't move faster, Philippines might be the next ATLANTIS.