Friday, October 09, 2009

Dinner at Kai Neo-Japanese Cuisine with Chef Anton

After a boring day at home, decided to text Anton and see what we can do for the rest of the day. Knowing Anton, we end up planning a spontaneous dinner (plan and spontaneous -- ironic). He gave me options either, as Anton texted it, "Kahit saan lol your choice" (Anywhere, LOL, your choice) or Zenses Neo- Shanghai Cuisine in A.Venue, Makati Ave. or Kai Neo- Japanese Cuisine at Greenbelt 5, Makati. I settled with KAI--- because of the Dragon Roll I saw at OAP's blog entry.
I forgot to reserve us a table, so we were asked if it's okay with us to seat at the sushi bar:

We were not told that we will experience or rather witness--- action at its finest. Delectable food being plated infront of us, while being served to other tables was heartbreaking, but nevertheless we surely enjoyed our own course:

Dragon Rolls, perfect blend of elements, no fish-y taste, all yummy goodness of fresh Unagi.

Portobello Mushroom Confit Salad with Maple Ponzu Vinaigrette,
nice texture of the Portobello Mushroom compliments the greens,
with rightly drizzled vinaigrette makes it more appetizing.

Sauteed Strips of Kobe Beef, Quial egg, Japanese rice, and Maple Ponzu. You will die after you smell the enchanting aroma of truffle oil, and turn into ashes after your first bite of the uber tender kobe beef with tasteful marinade, that stays in your buds. Nice touch with the quial eggs and caviar.

All-in-all, a good dish, just missed with the rice--- they placed a steamed one, but I think --- it's already good with just plain rice, so that flavors won't clash.

10 Hours Buta Kakuni "Braised Pork Belly".
Imagine a thick slice of meat--- poked easily with a regular chopstick. Super soft--- 10 hours?! It's a secret we need to discover.

Okay! And for our dessert--- which was, again, assembled infront of us:

Banana Nutella Harumaki.
Kai's version of banana split--- well for me even better, I love the presentation! Plating! Wuhoo!
Nice play with the Sesame Fillo, love the crispy like texture.

Trio of Creme Brulee.
Sampling of chocolate, citrus and green tea flavored creme brulee.
Ofcourse, it's rich and creamy---
Sweet tooths ready for your new ultimate craving--- green tea creme brulee!

Here are some of the dishes we were lucky to witness:

PS. plates have really nice designs:

Visit KAI Neo-Japanese Cuisine and experience Japanese food with a twist--- at the sushi bar or not.

KAI Neo Japanese Cuisine
Unit 1-112 Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
Telephone: +632 75705209 to 10


Red said...

It looks so delicious! Hahaha!!! Talagang nagreresto-hopping kau. hehehe