Saturday, October 24, 2009

What do I miss? What do I need to face?

I miss my office space, okay maybe not. I miss having to get up and get dressed--- do wacky or serious get ups--- everyday, now I get to do that only when I have meetings and occulars. Okay, I miss it a little (the space). But I have the same space here at home, stacked with books (cook books, food lover's companion, Chinese dictionary) here and there, DVDs on the side, staplers, telephone, eraser and my nifty Staedler pencil, and ofcourse tons of ballpen.

Taguig office

(Pardon me for the image: Shot by Nokia E71) Home office

What I seriously miss are these:


And going to Divisoria to hunt for fabrics.
Drenching (not in the rain) in sweat, carrying heavy fabrics, unending fashion trends, Vogue magazine as books and photoshoots:

But everything is different now I know--- fashion is all, as what my professor said to me "You live in the ideal world, where everything you see is perfect", --- fantasy (If you already saw Confessions of a Shopaholic, you'll know what I meant).

香港 is far the best place (next to Paris).

香港 is unimaginably missed by me, MTR (basically all the public transport system), culture, food, thrift shops (I guess the best part is their fashion sense, how the working class, works with class).

Marketing plans, doing thesis books, researching, I miss it, being a student--- all you need to think is being the best--- getting those 1s, all of that were just fantasies, it's the perfect world.

Now, I need to surpass everything that was given to me, realize the fantasy that I have created--- create my perfect world (ofcourse nothing will be perfect), but if everything comes into place--- it would be perfect.

I say food--- entrep, study is the key, money is just around the corner. LOL