Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sushi Mi, Sushi You

Went to Fort, Outcomm office to get my last pay and sign some papers. Met with Mon, took a little stroll and then boom, it's almost 1p.m. and we're supposed to be at Ton's 11-12.

Stay at Anton's place--- be cooked Lasagna Veggie! and prepared Souffle:

Okay, sorry about the picture. Forgot to take a picture of the actual food,
but you see, you can get the idea here, empty--- meaning. Yeah you got it right.

So, then the purpose of meeting at Anton's was to talk about sugar--- well, it was actually to end it and realize that it's just too big, that ends the journey of the sugar, but I think not.

We then talked about internet marketing, programming, what-the-stuff, etc..(Let me write a separate entry about that)

Richmond went out to do cosmetology (Galvanic Spa) and I stayed behind to cheer Anton up, but I think I failed. I notice him yawn a few (okay many) times, the best way to cheer him is to bring him to---, LOL.

Then, we (upon Mon's need---request) went to SM Mall of Asia, to buy stuff for his new Sony Vaio laptop! (Wuhoo! Rich kid)

It was supposed to be Cafe Ysabel (Isabel) for dinner but Anton saw this Japanese resto (Sakae Sushi) with an all day sushi buffet. You judge what happened to us:

There's the rotating thing, with the plates of sushi on it.

Okay, I don't know the name so we'll just call it: Sushi bar
It's very tasty, I think it has mashed fish with the rice and some mayo. And it's deep fried. LOL

Anton chopsticking his first!
Look how the master chef plunges his sushi
on the well blended condiments/ sauce
(Sushi sauce, some pinkish Ginger, Wasabi)

Okay this is my favorite! Mr. Cani Crab on a green plate!

Table chaos!

Tuna sushi?!with sesame seeds.

Richmond (Mon, Monching, Moning, Mon-ster, Hiro) munching on his nth sushi.
Look how fast those chopsticks move.

Tuna sushi also?! It's fish, so I guessed it's tuna or salmon.
Unless it's tilapya?

Cute bite size Cani Crab sushi! Looks like mini bazooka.

Speaking of bazooka! This one is nakakasuka (vomit). No one wants to eat. It has cucumber, cani, okay this is the worst thing on the sushi menu ever, it has a stinky smell and the cucumber has this hard bits (almost broke my steel tooth)

This one is-- heaven (less that green thing again, cucumber I guess),
tofu strip, cani, fish eggs?! caviar?! and that cheese like strip inside.

There are more plates, this is not all of it. I promise you.
With Anton and Richmond's appetite they can close down the whole resto.

Me trying to put the whole thing, okay maybe not trying, but Mon can do it!

The Surviving the Japanese Game Show! Hiro Challenge.
More of this video when net is working properly.
Anton VO: Matakaw si Mon (Mon has a big appetite/ Mon is starving to death. LOL)
Oh my gad! Hindi tao! (Not human, in short mon-ster)
Kinayanan mo yun? (You finished it?/ You're unbelievable!)
Mon VO: (Still munching on two sushis) Wala na? (Is there more?/No more?/I want more!)

Anton (left), plates (middle) and Mon (right)

All Day Sushi Buffet Everyday!
Sakae Sushi
2nd Floor, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City

Buffet Rates:
Adult PhP399.00
Senior PhP299.00
Kids (8years old below) PhP199.00
with Free Miso Soup and a choice of Hot or Cold green tea.